The most efficient waterless urinal valve on the market!

The Waterless Urinal Valve, Sannitree’s patented FreeFlowing Waterless Urinal Valve will literally save you 1000s of litres of water every year! What’s more it will keep your washrooms cleaner, fresher and more hygienic.

Proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa, The Sannitree® FreeFlowing Waterless Urinal Valve is patented (No. 2010/08157) and ISO certified and is ISO 9001 certified.

Saves water

Save litres of water with every non-flush! The average public restroom fitted with waterless urinal valves saves 1000s of litres per annum.

Improved hygiene

A dry urinal surface is hostile to bacteria as bacteria need moisture to thrive. Also eliminated – unhealthy bacterial aerosols!

No blockages or floods

Reducing water flow can lead to soft sludge build up and blocked pipes. With a waterless urinal valve there is no water, therefore there will be no floods.

Simple to fit / retrofit

Remove grate, waste fitting and trap. Clean trap, then firmly insert the waterless valve directly into waste line. Check for leaks then turn off the water!

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Low cost unit with simple maintenance

Clean regularly with soft soapy water and replace valves every 6 months. That’s it!

No expensive plumbing required

No water supply pipes, flush control systems, cistern or downpipes to install or maintain.

Easy to clean

No dome, so it is easily accessible for cleaning. Only mild soapy water required to clean and rinse. No harsh or expensive chemicals required!

Eliminates bad smells

Because urine drains into the patented airtight seal before draining down the waste pipe, the strong smells are trapped behind the seal unable to escape back into the restroom.

Simple Design. Effective Solution

Sannitree FreeFlowing Waterless Urinal Valve

New installation or Retrofit.
Fitting your FreeFlowing waterless urinal valve is really easy!

New Installation or Retrofit With Bottle

Step 1

Remove the grate, waste fitting and trap form the existing ceramic unit.

Step 2

Clean away any debris/old putty from the unit and make sure the waste line is clear of any sludge or blockages.

Step 3

Install the waste and connect straight into the waste line using flexible piping or an elbow and connectors.
(Use sikaflex/silicon to make sure the waste is firmly fitted into the urinal)

Step 4

Firmly insert the FreeFlowing Waterless Urinal Valve into the waste and check for leaks.

Step 5

Turn off the water supply.

…and it’s even easier to maintain!

The FreeFlowing Waterless Urinal Valve requires very little maintenance. Simply clean with water and neutral detergent (soft soap) only. No acid or harsh chemicals.

We recommend using Sannitree’s Urinal Deep Cleaner – a specially formulated urinal cleaner that is especially effective for eliminating foul organic odours around urinals and is made from liquid enzymes.

‘But is it hygienic?’ and other frequently asked questions

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How can a urinal be waterless?

Urine drains from the bowl into the Free-Flowing valve. It enters the patented airtight seal, flowing into the waste pipe. The urine simply drains away without the need for water and also eradicating bad smells and lime scale.

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But is it hygienic?

Regardless of what type of urinals or flushing system you currently have, water-free urinals will make your men’s restroom an even more healthier place.

As well as offering significant water savings, water-free urinals eliminate many of the problems associated with flushing urinals, namely scale, odour, blockage and subsequent flooding.

The water-free or waterless urinal is healthier and more hygienic than other alternatives because it is both dry and flush-less. With waterless urinals, bacteria don’t have the moisture they need to thrive.

The dry urinal surface of a water-free urinal is liquid repellent and hostile to bacteria. Urinals that are flushed are known to spread bacterial aerosols, which then seed in nearby wet and damp spots to form new growths. All of this is eliminated with the waterless FreeFlowing Urinal Valve.

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Isn’t it easier to reduce the water flow to each urinal?

Reducing the water flow or pressure can cause a much bigger problem that could cost thousands in the long-term. Soft sludge builds up in the pipes leading to blockages and floods.

BUT controlling the flush is a hidden disaster waiting to happen! Here’s what happens:

When the mixture of urine and water is static in the S-Bend, the uric acid salts in the urine and the lime-scale in the water crystallize and form hard residues. Over time this severely blocks the outflow pipes.

Therefore a soft sludge forms, mixed with debris such as hair, this forms a “hedgehog” which causes blockages and bad smells.

What other customers have to say

To our surprise, we found that were indeed no odours from the urinal….and to date we have no serious issues… After sales service is very good.

Thank you for a wonderful product which quickly and effortlessly converts urinals to waterless. We have used this product with much success for the past 3 years with absolutely no complains about any smells. I would certainly recommend this product.

What a pleasant surprise! The ever present smell of urine was eradicated and we no longer have the need for deodorisers. The obvious water saving is significant. The 1st units lasted up to 4 years without the need to change them!

We have installed a total of 80 FreeFlowing Waterless Urinal Valves over the past 15 years with great success. If maintenance advice is followed, the valve will last up to a year with NO smell problems and large savings on water and plumbing costs.

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